Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | March 8, 2011

Recommended Reading – “Hello, I Love You”

“They called Svetlana tonight and told her we have to go to America and wait sixty days for you.  Sixty day!  I punched the wall.  I paced the room like an animal.  I looked at your diapers and your book and cried angry tears.  I can’t leave you like this.  I miss you already”.

Hello, I Love You, by Ted Kluck, provides a fresh, candid, male perspective on one family’s journey through infertility and international adoption.  Kluck has (impressively) written in ESPN the Magazine, played professional indoor football, served as a missionary, and taught writing at the college level.  After reading this book, I met Ted and his wife, Kristin, in person at the Connecting Hearts with the Forgotten conference on Feb. 19th in Bloomington, IL.  They were as fallible as Ted made them out to be in his book.   His “Adventures in Adoptive Fatherhood” are brutally honest about the difficulties that can come with international adoption, his own personal flaws as a man, husband, and father, and that “There’s nothing like adoption to make a grown man cry.  Repeatedly.”  Yet, amid the tears and hair-raising taxi rides through Ukraine, you’ll discover a unique picture of God’s redemption of us through spiritual adoption, and of orphans through physical adoption.


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