Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | December 13, 2011

What About Me?

As adoptive parents, so much time and energy is spent on caring for and attending to our adopted children.  We work hard to ensure that their developmentally, emotionally, physically, and mentally healthy and healing from past traumas.  We encourage them to heal from and “give voice” to their past.  We utilize therapists, adoption specialists, educators and pastors for assistance in easing the transition of our adopted children into a new culture, family, and environment.  God has called us to care for these children, and we are passionate about doing so!  But time and time again I see the other children in the family being neglected.  Whether they are biological children or previously adopted children, the strain of adaptation can often affect these children just as harshly as the newly adopted child.  But they’ve been in the family for years; they feel secure; they’ll adjust.  It is just not so.  Here is a link to a post written by an adoptive mother on recognizing and addressing the struggles that her older children were facing during the adoption process.  Please take time to read this… especially if you have children other than your adopted child… their health and well-being is so crucial during this process!

God bless you all during this Christmas season!


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