Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | February 17, 2012

Worth the Wait

I prayed for this child, and the LORD has granted me what I asked of him. ~ 1 Samuel 1:27

Paper Pregnancy.  Every potential adoptive family knows the term, and also knows it is all too fitting a term for the long waiting period that adoptive families often face.  This time period begins when a couple decides to adopt a baby, and ends when their child is finally placed in their arms.

One family in particular, Stephen and Jennifer, knew this term all too well.  When they began this process, almost two years ago, they were excited about bringing home a child from Ethiopia.  However as time passed and adoption laws in Ethiopia changed, Stephen and Jennifer became weary of waiting.  In 2011, they contacted our offices and we began discussing the possibility of pursuing a concurrent adoption (both international and domestic simultaneously).  As they chose an adoptive placement agency, they also requested that we keep their profile in our files “just in case.”

Meanwhile, ICM had a young lady that was utilizing our Parenting Partners program for her two young children.  She informed her caseworker that she was pregnant with her third child, and desired to make an adoption plan for that child.  Her caseworker chose different profiles based on her adoptive family preferences, one of which was Stephen and Jennifer’s.  After several days of looking through profiles, and discussing them with her mother, she chose Stephen and Jennifer as her child’s adoptive parents.

On January 17th, a beautiful baby boy was born, and Stephen and Jennifer received the joyous phone call that they had a healthy little boy!   Their son, Sayer, is truly a heavenly gift, and Stephen and Jennifer are enjoying every moment of soaking up God’s little blessing to their lives!  And Stephen and Jennifer would definitely tell you that Sayer was worth the wait!


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