Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | December 20, 2012

Russian Adoptions

In follow-up to my last post about Russian adoptions, I wanted to give an update.
On Wednesday, the State Duma in Russia voted in favor of a new law banning Americans from adopting Russian children. It was an overwhelming 446-4 vote. This law is in retaliative response to the U.S. Magnitsky Act, which orders the U.S. to deny visas to Russian human rights violators.
The new Russian law must pass its final reading in the State Duma on Friday, but then President Vladimir Putin must also sign the law in order for it to be enacted. Putin’s spokesperson has insinuated that they believe the new law is hasty and “emotional,” and that his office will be more rational in making a decision.
Please pray for the Russian governmental officials, specifically for President Putin. Pray that this law is not signed into affect. Russia already has one of the most dire orphan and homeless children populations in the world. I would ask that, after reading this, please take a few minutes in prayer for the situation in Russia. Then spread the word to friends and family to pray as well!

God bless!


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