Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | January 2, 2013

Adopt Without Debt

ImageAs a new year begins, many of us have made New Year’s Resolutions. A great deal of people make a resolution regarding their financnes, whether it is to create a budget, get out of debt, or save more. On top of that, Washington D.C. has the ears of most Americans, as our government work themselves on the finances of this country. Everywhere you turn, there is talk about finances.

When I talk to people about adopting, the number one reason most families give as to why they do not adopt a child is the cost of adoption. I completely understand that adoption is expensive, and being an adoption worker, I also understand why adoption is so expensive. Now that my husband and I are becoming adoptive parents, I also understand the financial strain of adoption.

Last year I was working with an adoptive mother named Stephanie, who shared with me an amazing resource. It’s the book “Adopt Without Debt” by Julie Gumm. I immediately bought the book, and can say that through using some of the ideas in this book and through hard work, my husband and I have not paid a dime for our adoption thus far. So I want to share this resource with all of our families! Here is a link to Julie Gumm’s website, where you can purchase the book or find information on adopting without debt:

Lastly, I want to encourage all of you that God provides! While my husband and I have tried to live frugally during our adoption process, we cannot take glory for anything, because God has provided every dime that has come our way! And I know that God will provide for each of you as well!


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