Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | January 14, 2013

Update on Adoptions in Russia

I know that many of you have had your hearts and prayers turned toward Russia over the past month, and the politics happening that are directly affecting orphans in Russia. Since President Putin signed the Dima Yakovlev Bill on December 27, 2012, there has been a great deal of confusion, broken hearts, and anger.

In an attempt to ease some of this tension, last Thursday, the bill was clarified. It was explained that the old adoption agreement between Russia and the U.S. will remain intact until 2014 for families who have already cleared the Russian court process. This means that families who have already met their children, and become the legal guardians of their children in Russian court will be able to complete their adoptions. While this is very good news for those families and those children, our hearts are still heavy for the 740,000 other parentless children in Russia.

While here in America, there has been outrage at this new law, Russia also is rising up and stating their disapproval of the new law. On Sunday, 20,000 protesters gathered in Moscow to voice their anger at this law. Russia is already a very politically charged nation, and the new law added wood to that political fire.

While we here on earth do our best to raise our voices and prayers for the orphans in Russia, we know that our heavenly Father is looking over each and every child. Please continue to pray for these children. Pray for the Church in Russia to become active in advocating for and adopting these children. Pray for families in Russia to take up the cause of these orphans.



  1. Thanks for the update. When we we had our court apparance back in the summer, there was a family who was making their adoption from Russia final here in the US. I think about that family and others in their situation. *Praying*

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