Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | February 14, 2013

Love On All Sides

Typically when you see a teacher running through the hallways of a school, the outcome is not a positive one. On February 29th of last year, this is exactly what Leslie was doing… running through the hallways of the school where she is a teacher. There were tears shed on that day; not tears of grief or sadness, but tears of joy as she took the phone call from her husband, Clint, that they had been chosen by a birthmother.

On March 3, 2012, they welcomed their son, Baby Johnny, into the world. But little did they know that another love was coming into their lives, and that is the love they have for Johnny’s birthmother. Leslie words it best:

“I remember connecting with our birthmother and all the chats we had in the hospital, from sharing our similar sense of humor and tastes in movies to the very heartfelt emotions, hugs, and tears shared. She is amazing and we pray for her each day. We always want her to know how much we love and care for her and how Johnny will always know about her and how loved he is. I tell him ‘love on all sides.’”

Baby Johnny is so loved and truly blessed with wonderful parents, but I know Clint and Leslie would quickly correct me and tell me that they are the ones who are truly blessed!



  1. Thank you for sharing our story, Maria. Beautiful words! We are truly blessed and give thanks to God each day. A big thanks to you and the wonderful staff at ICM too.

  2. We are blessed to have Clint, Leslie and Baby Johnny as part of our church family. He spreads joy wherever he goes and Clint & Leslie are truly a beautiful couple and great parents. We love them all so much and we look forward to seeing them walk through the door each Sunday morning. Thank you, ICM, for helping to bring Johnny and Clint & Leslie together. What a sweet family!

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