Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | February 20, 2013

Somewhere Between

I recently stumbled across a documentary called “Somewhere Between.” It is the story of four girls, all adopted from China by American families. The documentary follows these young ladies during a time of their lives when they are developing their self-identities and discovering who they are. Here is a quote from the director (herself an adoptive mother):

“The primary themes of SOMEWHERE BETWEEN are identity formation, family, adoption, and race.  The film focuses on the intersection of all of these themes through the coming-of-age stories of four girls.  As they discover who they are, so do we.  Through their specific stories, we as viewers come to understand more fully the meaning of family and the ever prevalent cultural disconnect between stereotyping and race—whether we are adoptive families or not.”   — Linda Goldstein Knowlton

If you go to the documentary’s website, you can either purchase the documentary or look to see if their are any scheduled viewings in your area. Their website is:

The trailer is also on the website, and I can assure you that, after viewing the trailer, you will want to watch the entire movie.


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