Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | March 13, 2013

Hair Care!

There are so many topics and issues that we discuss on this blog and that adoptive families face. What do you think is the most imperative issue? Many families have told me that the most difficult issue, over attachment or eating issues or transition, can oftentimes be doing their child’s hair. God created each of us uniquely, and there are so many different aspects of each of us, one of which is hair. Some children of Asian origin have dry hair that needs to be moisturized. Some children of Hispanic origin have hair that is thick and course, and can easily become frizzy and dry. Some children of African origin have hair that can be dry, brittle, and break easily.

It is so important to know how to care for your child’s hair and hygiene, especially if they are of a different race than you, and you are unfamiliar with hair care. This can play directly into their confidence in a world where they already might feel “different” than those around them.

So let me share with you one resource that I know a great number of you have already utilized and are quite familiar with. It is a blog with many resources for white parents who are caring for black children. The blog is So many of you have noted how useful this blog has been, and I want to share it with everyone.

And you know how I like to leave you with some humor! So here is a scene that encapsulates this entire blog entry so much better than I ever could:











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