Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | March 20, 2013

The Birth Mother

We here at ICM have a very strong and positive view of birth mothers. Women who make adoption plans for their children are some of the most selfless women I have met. Oftentimes these women are making an adoption plan for the child because they are unable to care for the child themselves. They regularly state that they want their child to have a different and better life than they are able to provide for the child. The decision is most likely one of the most difficult decisions they will make during their lives.

Recently in the news Australia has come under the spotlight due to hundreds of thousands of “forced adoptions” during the mid-1900s. The young mothers were either forced or coerced to make an adoption plan for their children. These events were true tragedies, and I am sure caused a great deal of heartache for these young women.

In our work with young women making adoption plans, we desire to be respectful of their decisions. We continually empower them to make the decision for themselves, with no concern for coersion. We tell them over and over that we are supportive of their decision, whether that is to parent or to make an adoption plan. Our main goal is that they feel confident in whatever decision it is they choose. No woman, whether she parents or makes an adoption plan, should have to live with regret of that decision.

As you go about your day today, say a prayer for your child’s birth mother. Whether you know her or not, she has given or will give you one of the greatest gifts ever.


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