Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | April 8, 2013

Healing Our Children

This weekend I had a conversation with a friend regarding the safety of children all over the world. I made a comment that, after the shooting in Newtown, I felt my child was safer halfway across the world in an orphanage than he would be here in the United States.

The truth is, children all over our world experience pain and heartache every single day. We live in a fallen, sin-filled world, and our children are forever being victimized by the terrors of this world. Whether that be the death of a parent, disease, abuse, neglect, school shootings, or bullying, there will be atrocities that our children are exposed to during their lives.

For the most part, we are able to protect our children from horrific events, or explain it to them in the safety of their own home. However, in the realm of adoption, there is a number of hurts that your child has likely experienced before they entered the safety of their Forever Family. As I speak with adoptive parents in the post adoption phase, sometimes it can take months or even years for the child to open up about their past and how they have been hurt. So how do we help our children heal from their past, especially when they do not communicate what that pain is and what has caused it?

The answer to this question is broad in scope and unique for every child and adoptive family. If you feel that this is the cry of your heart, then I would encourage you to purchase the book “Wounded Children, Healing Homes” by Jayne Schooler, Betsy Keefer Smalley, and Timothy Callahan. While a great deal of healing can be done through counseling or therapy, the home is the most imperative aspect in assisting a traumatized child in healing from their past. This book discusses how your home environment can become a safe place for your child to find love, healing, and trust.


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