Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | April 15, 2013


This weekend I had the pleasure of attending the annual CHOSEN conference held at First Christian Church. It was a great conference, with the keynote speaker being Daniel Bennett, pastor and orphan advocate.

One of the breakout sessions that I attended was led by Tom Campion, PhD, a licensed clinical psychologist with Campion, Barrow, and Associates. His breakout session topic was Attachment and Post Adoptive Parenting. I wanted to share with you some of the valuable information that he shared with us.

According to Dr. Campion, the primary goal in parenting an adoptive or foster child is to reinforce their safety and security. There are three ways that we as parents can do so.

  1. Nurturance. It is necessary for the child to be nurtured physically, verbally, and spiritually. This involves giving verbal affirmations, expressing your love verbally and physically through hugs, kisses, etc., praying with your children, advocating for them, and showing them their worth. We need to continually provide this nurturance to our children (both biological and adopted children).
  2. Stability. Reassuring your child that your family is concrete and no one is going anywhere is a great way to provide your child with safety and security. Much like the nurturance, this should be done both verbally and non-verbally.
  3. Predictability. It is so important to be consistent with your child. Dr. Campion discussed the importance of finding balance between discipline and indulgence with your child. It is also important to have structure and standards, and to ensure that your child knows what the standards are.

God has called us to care for all of our children, both biological and adopted. Ensuring their safety and security is one of our most essential functions as a parent, and these tips on how to reassure them of this will hopefully be helpful for you and your family.


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