Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | April 17, 2013

Loving Shepherd Ministries

“We have been called to care for the orphan. Orphans are not orphans because they lack food, clean water, or clothes. They are orphans because they lack a family. Our prayer and mission is to place these orphaned children in a loving family. We want to raise them to be godly leaders in their communities – and child by child, bring about effective change for the glory of God.” 

This is the vision statement of Loving Shepherd Ministries, a not-for-profit Christian adoption organization.  Loving Shepherd Ministries has three main focuses:

-Helping families at the beginning stages of adoption by offering them resources and information on adoption to help them pursue the adoption that is just right for them.

-Rescuing and restoring young women who are exploited through prostitution in Ethiopia.

-Caring for orphans through their Homes of Hope initiative.  Loving Shepherd Ministries empowers local couples to care for orphaned and at-risk children within their own country. These Christian couples care for the children as their own sons and daughters and commit to being these children’s “parents” for the rest of their lives, even after they have left their Homes of Hope.

Loving Shepherd Ministries offers extremely helpful and practical resources for those people who are pursuing adoption.  One unique resource they offer is an adoption assessment that can be accessed on their website.  Prospective adoptive parents fill in information about themselves and their adoption plans such as employment information, family makeup, health status, how many/what type of children they wish to adopt, financial information, etc.  Once they submit the online form, Loving Shepherd Ministries gives them information specific to their family such as which adoption options they are eligible for, which countries’ laws and programs will work best for their family, lists of adoption/home study agencies in their area, etc.  The assessment for married couples can be found at the following link:  There is also an assessment for singles looking to adopt.

Please take a moment to browse through Loving Shepherd Ministries’ website – to become familiar with their ministry and what they are doing to care for the broken and orphaned in our world.  Also, please take this opportunity to pray for Loving Shepherd Ministries – that God’s hand would be upon the work that they do and would be upon these women and children in need.



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