Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | April 25, 2013

So hard to wait!

So many of you are in the must difficult time period of your adoption process… the waiting period. Some of you have completed your home study, and now are waiting for a referral or for  a birth mother to choose you. Others of you have your referral and are waiting on a court date or the birth mother’s due date. Still others of you have already met your child, and are now waiting to bring your child home. No matter where you fall in the waiting game, it is difficult.

One of the resources that has been most valuable to me during my adoption process is a wonderful devotional book, “Trust, Hope, Pray” by Luke and Trisha Priebe. Not only does this book contain lessons that they learned during their own “waiting period” of their adoption process, it also contains wonderful uplifting words for other waiting families. If I could order you to do one thing as your caseworker, it would be to pick up a copy of this book for yourself. When each day starts with words of encouragement, the waiting becomes slightly less painful and agonizingly long.



  1. I loved this book during our wait. Some days I read more than one page….

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