Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | June 10, 2013

Adoption Learning Partners

Good Monday Morning everyone!

Illini Christian Ministries is a participating agency with the online adoption learning tool, Adoption Learning Partners. As part of our Illinois DCFS approved adoptive parent training, we utilize Adoption Learning Partners. Each month, Illini Christian Ministries earns a free enrollment for an Adoption Learning Partners course. We have several of these free enrollments in our account, and would like to offer them to our families.

These can be used by families who are in the home study process and need to complete the training, or they can be used by post-home study families who are interested in other training through Adoption Learning Partners, such as the adoption tax credit informational course.

Here are the parameters of the free enrollment:

  • Coupons are good for one free enrollment in a single ALP course or webinar. They are not valid for course packages (such as the Hague package… you would have to enroll for each course separately rather than enroll for the discounted package).
  • Each coupon can be used only once.
  • Only one coupon or discount can be used per transaction.

Illini Christian Ministries would like to give these free enrollments to interested families. We have four free enrollments, and will give one to each of the first four families to email our Director of Adoptions, Maria Gocke, at

We hope you all have a great week!


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