Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | June 28, 2013

Prayer of Blessing

Good morning all!

I wanted to use today’s blog to give credit where credit is due. In May of 2012, Illini Christian Ministries was blessed with a wonderful addition to our staff, Dayna Bruss. Many of you have worked with Dayna, and have shared excellent compliments as to the caring and professional service you have received from Dayna.

Tomorrow Dayna will be marrying a wonderful man, John McConkey. We here at ICM wish John and Dayna all of God’s richest blessings as they begin their life together.

If you think of it this week, stop and say a prayer for John and Dayna as they enter this new exciting phase of their lives.



  1. Congratulations Dayna and John!!!!

  2. Congratulations Dayna! We feel so blessed to have worked with both you and Maria! Johnny sends an extra big 12-tooth smile your way!!! Congratulations!!!!!!

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