Posted by: icmadoptionnetwork | July 1, 2013

Black Babies Cost Less to Adopt

Saying that is a controversial statement is definitely an understatement! Recently NPR launched The Race Card Project, in which they encourage people to submit six word sentences describing America’s culture, thoughts, experiences, and observations regarding race. The author then chooses some sentences to expound further on in an article. The above sentence was one of the submissions, and the author chose to look further into the meaning behind the sentence. What followed was a very interesting lesson on domestic adoption, and the role that race plays in placement and fees.

I must say it broke my heart to read the article, but unfortunately in our country, I have seen agencies doing exactly this. We at ICM have a set fee schedule. We do not charge fees based upon the race of the child. We believe that each child placed through our agency is a blessing from God, and is an invaluable life!

Please take some time to read the article… it’ll only take 3-4 minutes.


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